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Our Services

Services Offered

Assist Personal Daily Activities (High Risk): Providing specialised support for high-risk personal activities to ensure the safety and well-being of individuals with disabilities.


Assist Personal Activities (Low Risk): Offering assistance in daily activities with a focus on promoting independence and autonomy.


Assist Transfer/Transport: Supporting safe and comfortable transportation for individuals with disabilities.


Community Nursing Care: Delivering nursing care services within the community setting, addressing healthcare needs and promoting overall wellness.


Daily Tasks/Share Living: Assisting with daily tasks and fostering shared living arrangements to create a supportive and inclusive living environment.


Development of Life Skills: Facilitating the acquisition and enhancement of essential life skills to promote independence and self-sufficiency.


Household Tasks: Providing assistance with household tasks to maintain a clean and organized living space.


Participation in Community Activities: Encouraging and facilitating active involvement in community activities, promoting socialization and community integration.


Group-Centered Activities: Organising and facilitating group-centered activities that encourage social interaction, skill development, and a sense of belonging